Vanga Evangelical Hospital - Vanga

Macklann Basse and his wife Rose
Macklann Basse and his wife Rose
Kathy Rice, RN and Tim Rice, MD have served in Vanga, Democratic Republic of Congo since 2015. Kathy leads the Nursing School in Vanga, educating a group of 240 of Congo's future nurses and midwives. Tim serves as the Medical Director of the 380-bed Vanga Evangelical Hospital. Together Kathy and Tim want to see God raise up the next generation of Congolese medical leaders: nurses, doctors and health administrators to serve and disciple others in Congo.

Usually, we think of health in terms of physical body well-being, but health is much, much broader than just physical health. In individuals, health includes mental and emotional health, spiritual health, and relational health. When any of those areas are out of balance or dysfunctioning, the whole person is affected. It is not enough to address just one area of health as all areas are inter-related.
Health also encompasses the health of the family and community/clan/tribe. If one person gets measles in the community, the whole community is at risk. When one person is out of sorts with another in the family, the well-being of the family suffers. When people in the tribe are out of relationship with God, things go rougher for everyone. Whereas when there is unity and harmony in the clan, the health of that clan is going to be better.
Connecting Congolese to Christ is the core of true health! Congo Health Connection is all about relationships, which is what makes it so rewarding. We connect the sick and suffering with health resources, medication, and education that can relieve suffering. We connect the students at the Vanga health training center with visiting faculty from the U.S. and abroad. We connect American mission-minded medical residents and students, nursing students, and therapy students with Congolese colleagues in a model health system in a resource limited situation for a rich exchange of ideas. We connect partners in America with students in Vanga, DRC by sending greetings one to another.
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