We are committed to advancing the Kingdom by humbly partnering with God’s people to preach the gospel, heal the sick, care for the poor, the orphan, the widow and the immigrant, and engage in deeds of compassion that are both oriented to immediate relief and the long term development.


KRS is engaged in a broad range of pastoral, church planting, and leadership training.  We conduct regular seminars and training opportunities in all the fields we engage with, including utilizing our indigenous leadership from the Board of Directors, as well as partnering with mission agencies from the United States.  This currently includes Mission to the World, Serge, International Ministries, ABC, and Westminster Biblical Missions.

One of our most extensive endeavors is a partnership with Third Millennium Ministries. providing free, seminary-level education for pastors in remote or under-served locations. With Third Millennium Ministries, KRS currently provides Bible and Theology classes for pastors and students in Kinshasa, DR Congo, Lome, Togo and Kigali, Rwanda.


KRS is a mission-sending agency that seeks to connect missionaries with international cities and communities where we have a well-established relationship with indigenous leadership.  Currently, we work in Burma, Pakistan, India, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Togo, Zimbabwe and London, England.

One of our goals is to do missions from the West in genuine partnership with international leaders and churches,  This involves putting our missionaries under the care of local, pastoral leadership for their spiritual nurture and care.  It also includes setting budgets for the missionaries that are sensitive to their own cultural needs, while at the same seeking careful input and direction from their national, indigenous field directors.


KRS believes the promise of God the Father that the Kingdom of Jesus Christ will do nothing but advance in this world until the day Christ returns and turns all the kingdoms of the earth over to the Father for the display of His glory  (Isaiah 9:7, 1 Corinthians 15:22-25)

We believe the kingdom rule of Jesus Christ is meant to be a holistic establishment of righteousness among the reconciled people of God from all the nations of the earth that includes the proclamation of the forgiveness of sins through the atoning death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, as well as the practice of justice, mercy and righteousness in all facets of life.

Nyaruguru Christian School Project

The church members of the Nyaruguru Parish of the Beth Ammi Christian Fellowship Church live in the mountainous southern region of Rwanda.  This densely populated area of roughly 10,000 is almost exclusively an agricultural community where farming is still done with hand tools and homes are constructed from sticks and dried mud.

 There is little electricity and few, if any, modern amenities.  Water is carried to homes and irrigation for the crops is dependent on the various rainy seasons.
The entire region, and the entire country of Rwanda, is defined by its ubiquitous hills.  Rwanda is called “The Land of a Thousand Hills.”  What that translates into for the people in this particular Nyaruguru village is that the closest school, whose red metal roof is visible just a couple of ridges away, is a 2-hour walk, one way, for any child kindergarten and up who wants to go to school.  The monthly fees for the “free” public school education, are $40/month per child, which covers medical insurance, food, and school supplies and supplements the teachers’ government salaries.  With an average family income of $150/month, the vast majority of the children are not able to attend school.  Medical care is a 3 to 4-hour walk to the city center.

In partnership with Kingdom Restoration Society, the missionary arm of New City Fellowship St. Louis (newcity.org),  Beth Ammi Christian Fellowship Church (bethammicfc.org), and the Nyaruguru Parish are looking to address these needs for all the children of their parish.