Third Millennium Ministries

KRS works in partnership with Third Millennium Ministries (, launched in 1997 by Dr. Richard Pratt and others to provide free biblical theological training at the seminary level.
Dr. Pratt taught at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi and Orlando, Florida for 21 years, and chaired RTS’s Old Testament Department in Orlando. During the last 20 years Thirdmill has enrolled more than 700,000 students worldwide from 116 different nations.  Their curriculum materials are fully translated into English, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Spanish, and are in various stages of translation in 14 additional languages. It has been developed, written and taught by 380 PhDs, scholars, pastors and teachers collaborating and providing insight and teaching from African, Latino, Asian, African-American, Mid-Eastern, European and U.S. evangelical, protestant seminaries. Thirdmill teaching and curriculum is presented from a Reformed theological perspective, holding:


Salvation is by grace alone


Salvation is by faith alone in Jesus Christ


Scripture alone is divinely inspired, the Christian’s only rule of faith and practice, and absolutely authoritative


All is for the glory of God alone

Thirdmill provides seminary-quality theological education materials without cost to the student. Kingdom Restoration Society is committed to providing the on-ground additional training costs of operating a theological institute, primarily through donor-based giving, reducing the cost per student to a range of zero dollars (internationally) to $900 (St. Louis) for the equivalent of an Associate Degree in Bible and Theology, with plans to expand this to a Bachelor’s of Divinity Degree by 2023.