Nyaruguru Christian School, Rwanda

Photo by Stuart Isaac Harrier on Unsplash

The Need 

Nyaruguru is a farming District in the South of Rwanda with a population of 318,000.  

Urban population:  7,000

Rural, subsistence-farming population: 311,000

Average income: $300/year

Public School Options for our target community:  3-hour round trip walk in the mountains; $35-$40/ month public school fees; leading to little or no education option for village families.

God’s Answer to the Cries of His People

Beth Ammi Christian Fellowship Church in Nyaruguru and Kingdom Restoration Society have partnered to open the first-ever school for this remote village community in the Nyaruguru District.  This will be a private school, teaching children from a Christian worldview.  Tuition will be $5 per month and open to all families, regardless of faith.

Four Classroom Buildings with 600 student capacity (2 Buildings completed with 240 students supported)

One Administration Building, Restrooms and a Kitchen Facility (all completed, with expansion plans to accommodate up to 600 students)

Plans for a Medical Clinic and Agricultural Development for Food Security

Classroom Building Construction, Each Building Houses 150 students
  Classroom Building Construction, Each Building Houses 150 students
Church Families Preparing the Building Grounds for their community’s first ever school

First Day of School Kitchen
250+ plus meals per day

First Day of School Classroom

 First Day of School
October 2023

Nyaruguru Christian School Funding Proposal Updated January 1, 2024

Staff: 24 Teachers  4 Admin  8 Cooks  3 Janitorial 1 Security

Income: $36,000 student fees at $5/month per student

Annual Operating Support Needed:  $147,408 (incl. mandated health insurance for kids)

Tuition Support Per Child $25/month
Temporarily, KRS will be accepting donations through our partner church; New City Fellowship.
Please make sure you select Kingdom Restoration Society under Campus and the Field you would like to donate to under Fund.
Nyaruguru Christian School Classroom Building Construction
KRS will only ask for donations for current needs. We will update the requests on a quarterly basis.