Overcomers by Grace - Nairobi, Kenya

Sabia Khan, Director

Macklann Basse and his wife Rose
Macklann Basse and his wife Rose
Sabia Khan serves as a missionary to persons with disability through Overcomers By Grace (OBG), a ministry of NCF Nairobi, Kenya. She reaches out to people with disability of all ages, races, ethnicities and religions and seeks to demonstrate that in God's Kingdom persons with disability are loved, accepted and valued.

Currently, OBG has 9 children ranging from 5 years to 26 years of age. Over the past 20+ years, Sabia, along with her recently deceased husband Shafkat, has been proclaiming the message that the limitations of disability are overcome by God's grace, and that disability is not inability. OBG provides an opportunity for people with special needs to come together from different ethnic and religious backgrounds to work toward building a brighter future.

The organization takes care of physically and mentally challenged children, providing them with life skills, physiotherapy, education, and self-care, boosting their self-esteem. The students come from varying disadvantaged backgrounds, such as single parenthood, parents not being able to take care of them, uneducated and poor backgrounds.

Due to their physical and mental state, some of them have been abused physically as well mentally before they came here. We at the center take care of them as well as provide training for the family. We give the students the love, care, and encouragement they need.

$3,600/year Operating costs for the ministry are provided by donations and fees. The staff, including the OBG Administrator, Assistant Physiotherapist, and Cook.

$100/month covers one salary.
Mimi came to Overcomers By Grace as a young child. Someone accidentally stepped on her neck when she was a baby asleep on the floor. At OBG they realized her mental capacity was unaffected and over the years she has learned reading, typing, and clerical skills. Though all of her symptoms mimic Cerebral Palsy she is an extremely capable young woman.

OBG would like to hire her as an Admin Assistant.

covers her salary. 
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