AMANA International Missions Conference - Lome

Macklann Basse and his wife Rose
The AMANA International Missions Conference meets annually to raise the awareness of missions for the church in West Africa and equip the delegates to take their part in the Great Commission. 
Delegates from Gabon, Mali, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Niger, Togo and the United States gather for a week long conference of plenary teaching, seminars, evangelism , worship and fellowship. 

Budget Needs:  Transportation Costs for West African Pastors   $1,500 per year for transportation and housing for visiting pastors.

Monthly or one-time donations of any amount are significant in helping to maintain these ministries.

Temporarily, KRS will be accepting donations through our partner church; New City Fellowship.
Please make sure you select Kingdom Restoration Society under Campus and the Field you would like to donate to under Fund.
KRS will only ask for donations for current needs. We will update the requests on a quarterly basis.