Calvin Academy Christian School - Lahore, Pakistan

Macklann Basse and his wife Rose
Macklann Basse and his wife Rose
Macklann Basse and his wife Rose
The Pakistan, Lahore ministry first began under the direction of Rev. Sardar Ahmed Din. In his opposition to neo-evangelicalism and liberalism, he founded a Reformed church over forty years ago named the Bible- Believing Lahore Church Council, Lahore. Today the Bible- Believing Lahore Church Council, Lahore (BBLCCL) has grown to nearly fifty congregations in Lahore, Faisalabad and Islamabad with approximately forty pastors. (Some pastors have charge of two to three congregations.)

The pastors receive their training for the ministry at the Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Lahore. Presently, there are 4-5 students preparing for the ministry. In order to train the many illiterate to read and write there are about 35 literacy centers where pastors teach them to read using the Urdu translation of the Bible.

There is great need to help provide a Christian education to the poor children so that they will be taught the Scriptures and to possess their own Bible in the Urdu language. The BBLCCL has five Calvin’s Academies with a total enrollment of nearly 2,600 students in all four academies. Many of the families live in great poverty. The sewing program has made it possible for young girls to learn the skills of a seamstress to assist with the families’ financial needs.

The very poor people do not have the money to care for their health needs. The Lord has blessed the BBLCCL with two medical clinics at Asif Town-2 and Meridke. Each clinic has a doctor, nurse and pharmacist to meet medical needs.

Rev. Howard Sloan serves as Field Chairman. Rev. Emmanuel Gill is the the Director of Ministries in Pakistan for WBM.

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