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KRTI plans to open its doors in March 2020, and initially will offer three degrees: (1) Certificate of Bible and Theology (audited, no credit hours); (2) Certificate of Bible and Theology (49 credit hours); and (3) Associate’s Degree in Bible and Theology (49 credit hours). Successful completion of the latter two can be applied directly to a Bachelor of Divinity degree, potentially available beginning in 2023. The Certificate and Associate degree programs are designed to provide an inexpensive and easily accessible 2½ year Bible and theology curriculum to be completed in four- and eight-week courses per year, through video lectures and live classroom instruction.

Degree Format: Classes will be conducted in ten eight-week sessions, meeting four times per year, and twice in the final year.  Students will read, listen to or watch the material at home and meet on Tuesday evenings for a brief exam, followed by instruction and discussion from a qualified teacher, with input from available local pastors. At the end of each eight-week session, the Certificate level students will be required to write a paper based on assigned lectures, to assess their critical thinking skills.  Associate degree level students will be required to write a more comprehensive paper based on additional lectures or readings.

Affordability: Existing “brick and mortar” evangelical seminaries, while providing superb theological education, are expensive and this factor alone often makes it difficult if not impossible for many to obtain a theological education, even when that is their life’s desire. KRTI wants to make excellent theological education available to all who want it, and thus its tuition is very affordable. While traditional seminaries typically charge between $500-$700 per credit hour, KRTI’s tuition is less than $50 per hour. It is our goal and expectation that no qualified candidate will be turned away for financial reasons alone.